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Being Humble Here, Some of my Quotes are Good... Really Good.

  1. "Too much of an opportunity cost in being shy".
  2. "Put actions to your words"."Follow your passion and back it by the work ethic".
  3. "Don't overthink, just go for it".
  4. "Find happiness, do not constrain yourself according to the world".
  5. "Show them how it's done".
  6. "Get shit done".
  7. "Do epic shit". (By Ankur Warikoo
  8. "Mera Bharat Mahan (My India, the Best), from the eye of Chandler Bing" (suggested by my sister)
  9. "It's all about how badly you want it".
  10. "Just say you can do it and you will".
  11. "Follow the theory of constraints: less is more".
  12. "Always ask for constructive criticism, it will help you improve".
  13. "Wanna learn something? Just do it".
  14. "Stop OVERTHINKING, please".
  15. "Age doesn't matter. The will, motivation and work ethic does".
  16. "I love my work, it gives me happiness and purpose in life".
  17. "Do what makes you happy".
  18. "Understand how things work".
  19. "Understand how people are feeling and then reply accordingly".
  20. "Do it now".
  21. "Everything is possible, given the right work ethic".
  22. "Too much of an opportunity cost in being traditional".
  23. "Don't whine, solve what's making you whine".
  24. "You can get whatever you want is a function of how badly you want it".
  25. "My job is to ask, their choice is to reply".
  26. "Do it now, NOW".
  27. "Back your counter arguments on me by rationality and I shall be at your command". 
  28. "Don't look down upon salespeople, everything in the world is basically sales". 
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