• Arjun Mittal

What have I turned into?

People spam me: 1. "What has happened to you after the accident". Answer: Nothing. I have 2 CT scans to back it up. 2."You have gone insane". Answer: No. 3."You are too full of yourself, this attitude won't take you anywhere in life." Answer: I am, because I work harder than you. 4."You are not emotional". Answer: Trust me, (I know it's hard), but I am. 5."Who are you to say all of this?" Answer: Arjun Mittal. You can do a background check at: https://www.arjunmittal.com/ 6. "Why are you like this?" Answer: Because of my life experiences: a. Fat Loss Journey:

b. Post Accident Recovery:

7. "Why all of a sudden?" Answer: Earlier I had the gym to channelise my aggression, now I only have this. 8. "This is too much for me, I do not feel like being with this Arjun. I want the old Arjun back". Answer: No, you can't get the old Arjun back now. Sorry it's too late. I am happy. If you are not happy, leave me, I'll still love you.