• Arjun Mittal

The Brand Value

I was never a brand buyer. I always used to see the right column of the menu card before going ahead with the purchase.

  1. Apple: Everything changed when I started using iPhone. I had inculcated a false perception that iPhone is just for show off. When I started using it, I got to know the real reason of the price value attached to the product. I loved the product soo much that I got the MacBook and the watch post it. No wonder why it is the company with the largest market cap ($2 trillion).

  2. Puma: The German sports brand is the absolute king (in my view). Apart from it's high quality products, it has created it's brand value in a smart way: By getting the best of the athletes around the world to endorse the brand. Whenever I purchase Puma, I feel like I'm in the shoes of the people I look up to.

  3. Mercedez: I loved Mercedez from the very start. The company is one of the reasons why I choose to do Mechanical Engineering. The quality is absolutely unmatched.

  4. Ferrari: Enzo Ferrari said: “Ask a child to draw a car, and certainly he will draw it red.” Indeed that's true. The symbolic red and the top notch quality of Ferrari and the Ferrari engine makes it a unique and a wanna purchase brand for all racing enthusiasts like me lol. Peace out.