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  • Arjun Mittal

People Who Changed My Life

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Firstly, I would like to say that everyone in my life has taught me something or the other. Everyone has changed my life. The people mentioned in this blog are just closer to my heart.

My Parents: Before coming to the people who changed my life, I have to talk about the ones who actually gave me life.

My Sister: I also call her my third parent, she has taught me everything.

My Grand Parents: The ones who gave birth to my birth givers.

My Aunts: Learnt a lot from them and their families.

Saurabh Maurya The Co-Founder of my ex-start up. My man.

Bux Khurana He has had an impact in my life as unique as his name.

Tony Pagliocco His words: Empathy+Empowerment=Excellence changed my life.

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