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  • Arjun Mittal

My Second Mother

Selflessly helping me. From the day 1 of the accident, 1/09/2021 till today.

I also call her god's angel. She helps me, even if she requires to go out of the way. It's not only me, she has built her image as a powerful and caring woman by helping others, whenever they are in need. She takes me to walks early in the morning. Then comes the post walk yoga and meditation sessions. Then I go to her place and work. I teach mathematics to her son. Absolutely love the kid. He creates these amazing projects that even I can't make, being a mechanical engineer lol. Then I spend the day at her house. Then in the evening her husband, a business tycoon shares his experience and that's like an open book for me. She on the other hand has multiple jobs: Teaching, volunteering, helping, house wife. Apart from this she also helps in her husband's business. I don't know what else to call her other than: Superwoman. Peace out.

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