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  • Arjun Mittal

Mera Bharat Mahan (My India, the best) From the Eye of Chandler Bing

Okay, a lot of people are going to get offended by this one, but trust me I'm still Indian at heart and I want India to grow. It's just the result of my experiences living in this beautiful country that I conclude: The growth seems to be far fetched. Here are my experiences. Oh before that, my initial plan was to write a book on this, chucked it because I was too lazy. Anyways, experiences: 1. Local Train:

I had my Engineering Drawing final examination. The last day I wanted this to happen. The train arrived and the ever-crowded Borivali station rushed in the train that was supposed to originate from platform-4. My spectacles Bid Adieu. 2. Accident: I had explained this in one of my previous blogs, but I'll delve deep here. I was on cloud 9, super excited about going to Gokarna (coast of Karnataka) with my friend Bux. I had to get a haircut. As soon as I went out of my building, I had 2 crossroads. I crossed one and as I was crossing the other, a 23-24 year old guy riding on his classic 500, cut the circular pathway, came from the wrong side of the road at 40-60 kmph and knocked me out.

3. Work Meeting: This one's short and crisp. I was in a meeting and my friend/colleague said "India mein 90% log chutiye kyun hai". (Why are 90% of the people in India dumbfucks). I hope I do not get tagged as an "Anti National" after this one. Love my country. Peace out.

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