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  • Arjun Mittal

Help People and be Humble

Yes, please do. Something that I'm always up for. Some instances to back this up: 1. I have helped 5 of my friends and I'm teaching them how I got my job in Dubai. 2. One of my senior executives in my college cell, called me up and told me "sir". My reply: "Call me bro, bhai (hindi for bro), or Arjun. He had asked me how to improve his communication skills and gain knowledge in Marketing (I could feel the passion). I had a meeting, so I told him: "I will reply asap". I replied with a list of books to read and a linkedin learning path for digital marketing. Bottom-line: Please help other people and be humble. You can an intangible asset: Goodwill. Before I leave for Dubai, I want to help as many people as possible. Doors are open: B/604, Alpine Towers, Kandivali (East). Peace out.

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