• Arjun Mittal

Too Much of an Opportunity Cost in Being Shy

As the title is self explanatory, there is too much of an opportunity cost in being shy. I say this with conviction as I have 2 life experiences to back me up.

I would like to start by first explaining my life experiences, that support my conviction. They are as follows: 1. My weight loss journey: I was 105 kg. I was never a foodie. I always levitated towards sports and fitness. My sister was, and still is a big foodie. She was the one who first introduced me to the Italian delicacy of Pizza. Ever since then, there was no stoping back. I feel me being at a 105kg was a result of IIT-JEE classes acting as a catalyst. I had gained 30 kgs in 2 years. I had to join college in July 2018. I was a 17 year old boy, at a 105 kg bodyweight, with a dream of impressing all the gals. Too far fetched. I had to reduce my bodyfat. I started off with the most common rookie mistake of doing cardio over weights. I researched on the web. Started off by watching beer biceps and guru mann (my Indian friends would relate). Gradually found the geniuses of Athlean X, Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Either. Learnt a lot from them. Asked a lot... a hell lot of my fit friends for advices. This resulted in me loosing a bodyweight of 40 kgs in the span of 8 months.

2. My Accident: I would like to start this off by saying "I'm normal after the accident. I had 2 CT scans of my brain and the result was: sane". You might wonder why am I saying this? This is for all my acquaintances who told me, by judging my post accident behaviour: "Tujhe accident ke baad kuch ho gaya hai" (You have become insane after the accident). You might wonder what accident? So I was crossing a road near my building. All merry and ready to go to a trip to Gokarna, coast of Karnataka the next day with my best friend Bux. I was going for a haircut. A 23-24 year old guy came on a classic 500, from the wrong side of the road. He hit me, my jaw hit the divider, I fractured my jaw. Fast forward to recovery (still haven't recovered fully). Post the accident, the following events happened: I became the President of my college cell (The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell, MPSTME, NMIMS), I got a job in Dubai, I started making this website at 3am in the morning.

Long story short, don't be shy. Period.