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  • Arjun Mittal

Any Team Can Win

Yes, any team can win. Even though you have the best players in the world, you can say you'll do good, but you can't assure to come out victorious. I learnt this from the movie, Moneyball.

Using the beautiful combination of statistics and mathematics, the Oakland A's used the Moneyball theory to achieve feats, that they could only dream of. I also learnt this from one of the most amazing IPL teams: Chennai Super Kings. Led by the greatness of MS Dhoni, this team was critisised in their comeback year, 2018. Almost all the players were 30+ (which is old for cricket). People started calling it the "dad's army." Then came that final shot on the off from Ambati Rayudu at the Wankhede, which took CSK to the greatest comeback in cricket.

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